Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Zoom

Set up Your Account

How do I create a Zoom account using my email address?

All Lab staff are automatically provisioned a Zoom Pro account at no cost. To activate your account:

If you are unable to complete the self-activation process, send an email (from your address) to the IT Help Desk with the subject “Zoom Pro account upgrade."

Install or Update Zoom

If you have the Zoom desktop application installed, you can check for new updates:

Zoom will not update. It says Contact IT Administrator.  Help!

Learn the Basics

Ok, I have Zoom installed and updated. How do I use it? 

Visit the IT FAQ site for a detailed description of best practices for Remote Meetings with Zoom.

Sign In Before you Join

When scheduling a zoom meeting with or do not require authentication.  

Open the Zoom desktop application (not the browser). There are two options:

If the host selects 'Only authenticated users can join' when scheduling, attendees MUST Sign In with Google or Sign In with SSO using one of two methods:

Clicking a Zoom invite link in Google Calendar will NOT automatically perform the Sign In process if authentication is required by the host


Do not use the authentication option for external or zoomgov accounts.

Zoom Room Best Practices

All public conference rooms at the Lab are now Zoom Rooms.  Event hosts can start/join meetings directly from the iPad controller in the room.

Zoom Authentication

More details on using the Only authenticated users can join feature.

Launching Zoom from a browser

For more details on using Zoom without the desktop application, click here.

Zoom Account Capacity

What is the maximum number of people that can join my zoom meetings.

AV Support for Events

I want to host a virtual event. How do I request real-time Audio Visual support

Google Calendar Integration

Scheduling Zoom Meetings 

How do I schedule a Zoom meeting from Google Calendar?  

Meeting IDs

Can I use one Meeting ID and create separate calendar invites for different sessions? 

Can I use my Personal Meeting ID?

Yes. Since your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) is a known value, anyone can dial into any meeting (at any time) once they know the number. 

Zoom and Google Calendar Sync

Zoom is no longer synced with my Google Calendar. Help!

If your Google Calendar is out of sync with your zoom account. You can fix this by taking the following steps:

Schedule Privilege and Zoom Reports

How do I schedule Zoom meetings on behalf of my supervisor? 

To schedule a calendar event with a Zoom meeting that comes from someone else:

Zoom AI Companion

Do the Lab have access to the Zoom AI companion?

No. The Lab's Zoom account falls within the "Educational" category.

According to Zoom's support site, the Zoom IQ product is supported within "Zoom Pro, Zoom One Business, Zoom One Business Plus, Zoom One Enterprise, Zoom One Enterprise Plus, or Enterprise Bundle" accounts. It is not available for Educational accounts.

As an alternative, try searching the Zoom App Marketplace for the term "ai note" to download Zoom apps that offer similar functionality.

Passwords and Security

Zoom Security Options

Is security required when scheduling Zoom meetings and webinars? 

No. The requirement to enable a security option for Zoom meetings and webinars is postponed until further notice. IT is working with Zoom to determine the current number of unsecured meetings and assess the impact on Lab users, in particular for staff who manage meetings for their supervisors. For more on Zoom security options, click here.

Zoom Bombing

How do I prevent Zoom bombing? 

There are several steps you can take when scheduling your meeting to prevent Zoom bombing.

In-Meeting Security Options

Hosts can enable security when scheduling or use the in-meeting security icon to enable/disable options during a meeting to minimize disruptions.

Using Breakout Rooms

How do I add breakout sessions to my Zoom meeting?

Zoom Recording Policy

How do I set meetings to automatically record?  In my account, it says this option is locked by your admin. 

Can I save cloud recordings indefinitely or will they be deleted after a set number of days? 

Generating Attendee Reports

Virtual Backgrounds

Advanced Options

I'm good with the basics. What else is new? 

Zoom offers a variety of advanced options including: 

What’s the Big Picture?

Zoom is a great tool for remote collaboration. To avoid mishaps, pay attention to your account settings and scheduling options. 

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